Who is who?

Are you looking for a dentist in UK? Are you confused about which kind of dentist to visit for which treatment? No worry, this post resolves your problems by educating you about kinds of dentists for several dental treatments.

  • Endodontics is specialized to study diseases pertaining to dental pulp and pus tissues. They do root canal surgery.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform dental implants, tooth extractions, mouth and jaw surgeries.
  • Periodontics conduct surgical and non-surgical treatments as well do dental placements and take care of their maintenance.
  • Dental Orthodontics are the once who modify and rectify problems related with your mid face and lower jaw growth.
  • Pedodontic is Pediatric Dentist who treats in dental problems among children.
  • Prosthetic Dentist restores dental implants, bridges, gaps, dentures. Few those who take further training in oral and maxillofacial called ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL PROSTHODONTICS who repairs in facial structures like ear, nose, and eyes.
  • Special Care Dentist help in serving special need patients or those who have acquired disabilities.
  • Geriodontics deliver dental care to aged people (older adult) right from diagnosis to treatment taken care off.
  • Oral Dentist diagnoses oral diseases and take care of oral dental checkups.
  • Veterinary Dentists are those who treat in animals.

In addition, there is Oral and maxillofacial pathologist and radiologist who perform various diagnoses and identify dental infections / diseases.

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