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Older Adults Dental Care Tips

As you age several health problems increase and one needs intensive medical care. Problems pertaining to dental health, body joints, eyesight are common. Luton Dentist say, weakening of body parts such as hands and fingers affects your dental health.

Various dental problems arise in older age, such as

1.  Lifetime consumptions of stained and tooth destroying food causes tooth color to fade or darken.
2.  Saliva levels are, reduced due to heavy medications, sever diseases all this leads to dry mouth issue.
3.  Oldies suffer from sensory loss reason weaken dentures and too many medical treatments.
4.  Improper brushing and poor oral mouth hygiene causes gum diseases as fungi and plaque are, accumulated in tooth.
5.  Chronic ailments like cancer, diabetes, heart pain and so on too cause oral problems among old adults.

Dentist in UK say, there are a number of ways to take care of oral dental habits among older adults. Help your elders daily with their dental hygiene activities. There must be flossing, brushing and rinsing performed each day. Foods consumed must be soft, easy to chew and natural.  In case of any, sever dental ailment take them to doctor and follow care steps as suggested. Remember use a soft brush and handle your adults with love and care.

Aging is natural, but one need not necessarily wait for old age to come for starting a proper oral care. Maintaining a health regime today would save you from the pain and countless dental problems during old age!

Who is who?

Are you looking for a dentist in UK? Are you confused about which kind of dentist to visit for which treatment? No worry, this post resolves your problems by educating you about kinds of dentists for several dental treatments.

  • Endodontics is specialized to study diseases pertaining to dental pulp and pus tissues. They do root canal surgery.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform dental implants, tooth extractions, mouth and jaw surgeries.
  • Periodontics conduct surgical and non-surgical treatments as well do dental placements and take care of their maintenance.
  • Dental Orthodontics are the once who modify and rectify problems related with your mid face and lower jaw growth.
  • Pedodontic is Pediatric Dentist who treats in dental problems among children.
  • Prosthetic Dentist restores dental implants, bridges, gaps, dentures. Few those who take further training in oral and maxillofacial called ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL PROSTHODONTICS who repairs in facial structures like ear, nose, and eyes.
  • Special Care Dentist help in serving special need patients or those who have acquired disabilities.
  • Geriodontics deliver dental care to aged people (older adult) right from diagnosis to treatment taken care off.
  • Oral Dentist diagnoses oral diseases and take care of oral dental checkups.
  • Veterinary Dentists are those who treat in animals.

In addition, there is Oral and maxillofacial pathologist and radiologist who perform various diagnoses and identify dental infections / diseases.

Ten Causes of Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity often restricts us from relishing food to fullest. Listed below are, ten faulty practices mentioned by endodontics dentists, which, gives birth to sensitivity problems. We can resolve our teeth sensitivity by being watchful and strict on stooping such bad habits.

teeth sensitivity
Like having a cool mint fresh breath and using mouthwash all day? We would suggest you to stop doing it as too much use of minty mouthwash in a day leads to sensitive teeth. Instead, ask for non-alcoholic / neutral   fluoride rinse from your doctor. Ensure using only twice a day.

Are you consuming food containing high acids? Well, no tomatoes / citrus/juice / soda to be, consumed in high quantities as the acid level among these are too high. These erode your tooth’s enamel cover opening up the weak dentin underneath resulting in sensitivity trouble. Try to consume less acidic products or balance the intake with piece of cheese or sip of milk after eating acidic foods.

Too much of peroxide-based bleaching i.e. toothpaste with excess whitening content, can lead to sensitivity issue. Once you stop using such toothpaste the sensitivity goes away.

Gums too face in recession problem! This happens when you brush too hard and use toothbrush with hard bristles. Your gums yellow and blue part is, exposed hampering the covering and causing sensitivity.

Very frequent and excessive dental care too leads to tooth sensitivity. It is nice to take care of your dental hygiene and well-being but unnecessary dental works are not advisable.

Gridding your teeth way too much will give rise to sensitivity as there is high pressure exerted on nerves, which erodes enamel.

By avoiding such bad habits and consulting your dentists in UK about your sensitive tooth problems, you can say good-bye to sensitivity.

Replacing Missing You

Dental Implants

Dentists in UK, provide basic know how about dental implants busting all the myths.

Are dental implants beneficial?

Gone are days where only alternative for tooth replacement was a denture or bridge. Replacing the empty space with false tooth is, called bridge, while replacement of tooth that is removable is, known as denture. Sadly, these substitutes act as a poor solution and may create problems at times. Therefore, the safest way is to go for a dental implant.

Any problems faced in enclosing the dental implants?

Studies indicate the chance of implant being unsuccessful in a non-smoker is 1.5% while those who smoke the risk are more nearly 20% high. In addition, the bone erodes but this because as time passes the bone absorbs the implanted tooth like natural tooth so there is lesser bone remaining.

Is there any way to resolve such problems?

Grafting is a technique through which bone can be built again. Where your blood is used to form gel in combination with your implant as it heals bone is reformed. While for those patients who are nervous must interact and make situations eased this will end in all your fears. Always discuss and know the procedure with your dentists prior any implant.

Is there any scope of anything going wrong after the implant?

After the treatment, it is essential to go for a regular check up. In addition, there are certain ways prescribed by the doctor to maintain hygiene and keep plaque off your tooth, which helps in having healthy gums, and avoid any diseases.

Here are few reputed dentists, Whitchurch Smiles, Zebon Copse, and Bramingham Dental who can help you with dental implants in your area.

Is Root Canal That Painful?

Root canal to me was deathbed situation until I came across dentist in Bramingham, who busted this bubble.

A root canal treatment is conducted for saving your tooth from eradication after all something is better than no toothing.

This treatment is suggested when the nerve carrying blood to the tooth (pulp) is infected and decayed.

Reason for this nerve to be, infected – At times due to trauma the nerve present inside your tooth dies and bacteria is present around breeds on this as their food and give birth to more bugs. When ignored by you over a period these bugs start dwelling in places between your jawbones and tooth that is called abscess. Your white blood cells keep fighting and filling this invasion by debugging these bacterial bugs but are unable to locate the root cause, which is your tooth.

When there is no way to remove and kill these bugs, your tooth starts paining badly   giving birth to sever abscess where your dentist has two options – 1) To remove your tooth permanently or 2) Do a root canal surgery.

It is safe to treat the root of tooth, than having a hollow space and one less tooth for lifetime. Tooth is first, cleansed, sterilized from deep inside and then a cap is, positioned in to stop the bacterial bugs accumulating over and again.

Root Canal

Feeling during the treatment, most of us tend to be horrified on hearing a friend or close one undergoing a root canal treatment, similar was with me when I heard my Endodontist suggesting a root clean option.

Thank god, Endodontist is one of great dental doctor in UK who comforted me at each seating and step by explain and sharing how my tooth is being treated for good. This gesture made my complete Endodontic surgery procedure less painful and here I am motivated to share all about root canal.

Most of our fear is eternal, as we undergo treatment most of time the area, treated is numb and cap if rubber cap makes tooth work normally. This you would know once your gives a soft munch to check its functioning. The pain is inevitable for days until tooth is healed rest in long run it is in our hands to maintain proper care and a regularly check with Endodontist.

Importance Of Gum Health

If trees/ human / animal core is shrunken no matter, what the rest parts would remain undernourished and wear off no matter number of treatments done!

Similarly, when it comes to dental hygiene our gums are the core, help us to keep our moth healthy, and nourished. Recently, researchers have proved gum diseases not only come from poor dental hygiene; but are also, related with numerous severe diseases. Even dentist in Hertfordshire have similar take to this.


Cancer: Prolonged gums infection can cause in sever cancer diseases like Kidney, Pancreatic, and Blood Cancers. Mentioned below are percentiles, of gum diseases, indicating types of cancers caused depending on degree to which, gum is, damaged.

Heart Ailments and Stroke:  Researchers enclose in that Gum diseases give birth to swelling as well an exacerbated heart situation that amplifies the risk of heart disease. In addition, studies indicate there is a relationship between gum illness and sever oral diseases that affects heart and chances of having stroke increases.

Respiratory Ailments:  Current investigations by scientists state that whether bacteria there in gum infection, if travels to the lungs will give birth to respiratory diseases.

Diabetes Disorder: Diabetic problems increase due to the gum disease. Reason, gum diseases boost the sugar levels that stretches the time where body functions on high blood pressure levels, which, thus complicates diabetic situations.

Dentist in UK, say a routine visit to dental hygienist is must, which not only maintains your sparkling smiles, pearl white teeth but also reduces the chances of you suffering from gum diseases.

Offering Best Care for Children

As parents, we all love to provide our children a special care. There are separate Pediatric Dentists, which take care of your children dental needs. These dentists are more patient and composed than regular once. They are especially trained to handle kids who are dynamic and not so corporative during dental procedures.

Pediatric Dentists in Fleet offer range of dental treatments in a state of architect backed with equipments and technology specifically designed for kids. They take due care of your Child’s mouth, tooth, and gum health. They also, train parents about basic ways for caring their Childs tooth and maintaining over all mouth hygiene.
Dentists in UKKinds of Services Offered by Pediatric Dentists in UK
Pediatric Dentists provide a wide – range of oral dental care, which includes:

o    Infant examination to assess the oral risk mother and child carry
o    Counseling for compulsive habits – thumb sucking, lip biting etc
o    Precautionary dental care – mouth cleaning, fluoride treatment, food recommendation
o    Repairing any defects, injuries like fracture, broken tooth and cavities
o    Diagnosing if any sever diseases like heart defect / asthma/dubieties associated with oral dental conditions
o    Treating fungal infections, gum diseases, pediatric periodontal, ulcer condition etc managing over all Childs dental health

Are you worried about their Qualification?
Well dentist specializing in pediatric dental care also undergo full four years of intensive dental training and two years of dentistry practice and training in treating infants.

Availability of Pediatric Dentist
You will find them functioning independent in their clinic / working with hospitals, schools, and health communities functioning for infant health care. We too help you with a comprehensive list of Pediatric Dentists in UK to browse, review and choose best Pediatric Dentists near your home.

Cavities Myths & Facts

We often come across so many sayings too much of bottled stuff causes cavities, eating sugar, brushing 1 min etc. Always not everything is true! Whitchurch Dentist share in all about cavities and help you differentiate between Myths and Facts. Read list mentioned below and know how cavities are born, prevented, and treated.

A most common myth, which is almost a fact Sugar, is the root cause of cavities. The bacteria present in mouth sources cavities. There is the acid produced in when we consume carbohydrates.

Sugar, Rice, Breads, and Potatoes are high in carbs when consumed frequently give birth to cavities in mouth.

Keynote the exposure of your teeth to carbs results in cavities than the amount of carbs. For example, sipping sugar-based drinks all day / eating ample of carbs for lunch, the length of time your teeth are, exposed to carbs causes decayed teeth.

We would be aware when we have a cavity, the biggest myth! Tooth decay when at peak level causes pain a mild decayed tooth will never show symptoms. In order to be away from cavity we must do a regular dental check up. If a cavity grows below the enamel, decay becomes prevalent in tooth.

Tooth decay is result of acidic foods like – Lemons / Soft drinks, well acid based food such as fruit juice , citrus , soft drink , soda DO NOT cause CAVITY but they put your ENAMEL in DANGER.

Enamel is protective covering to your tooth which, weakens when you consume too much of acids. On loosing the enamel, covering your tooth becomes more prone to decay as the dentin at bottom is exposed.

Decaying stops after treatment.The decay can come in other areas of tooth but in that, specific area it diminishes. This happens; when you fill in the cavities and maintain proper dental hygiene of regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing there will be no decay in that particular spot.

Note there are times when the fillings begin to fade, break down due to which a bacterium remains unclean, and decay are born again.

Placing an Aspirin right beside the tooth will relieve a toothache. Even if you are, offered an aspirin for free or pain is just beyond control NEVER KEEP ASPIRIN NEXT TO TOOTH. Reason acid is present inside aspirin that will completely burn out your gum tissues and cause abscess. It is better to swallow an aspirin.

The ultimate way is to prevent and be cautious. Simple day to day, activities like brushing twice a day, flossing prior brushing and rinsing twice will help in combating bacteria and keep cavities away.

Dentists in UK, say cleaning teeth daily aptly will keep your teeth cavity free.

Bad habits causing plaque on teeth

Since our childhood we are, trained in to fight this enemy to our teeth called plaque. Regular brushing, flossing is one proven way to keep plaque away. Luton Dentist, say you can knock plaque off by putting a stop to below mentioned bad habits that result in causing plaque on teeth.

First, let us know about tooth plaque, it is a sticky blend produced by bacteria and the substances secreted by them. Bacteria emit chemical named Mucopolysaccharide, which turns into a thin film like sheet known as biofilm. If you were watchful, then you would notice a thin slimy sheet formed inside a fish tank, which is similar to biofilm and is easy to clean with washcloth. If the film remains unnoticed and left, alone it becomes harmful.

Similarly, the bacteria present discharges acids that cause severe damage to the tooth enamel. Frequent acidic assaults on enamel would make holes in teeth called cavity. If plaque left untreated it will pile up, further harden, give birth to calculus, and then form tartar.

Tartar is high-level plaque that needs dental care, this if untreated may cause gum disease like gingivitis. It is vital to keep away from bad habits, especially, which influence our dental health.

Few common bad habits that need our attention:

Irregular brushing: You may be happy that no one is aware about you skipping brushing. Get alarmed your teeth are and plaque just awaits such opportunity. Each day you do the same, in no time layers of plaque will deposit causing tooth decay. The key is to brush twice a day, using a soft brush and cover all areas of your mouth.

Skip flossing: Unfortunately, toothbrush fails to reach places between the teeth and plaque dwells there. The only way to kick out plaque is to use a dental floss prior brushing twice a day. Alternatively, those who feel discomfort when flossing or dislike it can use products designed by ADA for cleaning between teeth’s. Note to take dentist approval prior purchase.

Avoiding Mouth Rinse: We often neglect rinsing our mouth and fall prey to problems like bad breath, gum disease gingivitis and plaque debris. Your teeth cleaning twice a day must consist of flossing, brushing and rinsing. An antibacterial mouthwash is good to use. Avoid too much minty / alcohol based mouthwashes.

Visiting Dentist rarely: Even if you have a best dental hygiene, it is must to visit a dentist for regular oral checkup. Minimum of two cleanings a year so that you good oral health is maintained.

Sweet Tooth: Consuming too many sweets or high sugar not only causes teeth problems but also root cause of a severe disease like diabetes. All the candy treats / soft drinks and sugar bite offs are the worst food to your teeth.

These above listed faulty habits are under our control, we can take due care and protect our teeth from plaque and other dental diseases.

Easy steps for Dental Care

Gone are the days when we took handful of baking soda to whiten our teeth or where those sloppy wooden dentures worrying they would fall off. Presently, we have various healthy dental options available to clean our mouth, polish our teeth. Dentist in UK say there are simpler ways to perform a dental care. One most basic and important way is brushing your teeth daily twice a day which keeps you away from most dental problems. Here is list of few vital precautionary steps, which you must practice daily:

Brushing early morning and prior going to bed simple reason to remove the layers of plaque and bacteria built in all day and over the night.

Those who are lazy and have poor dental hygiene should ensure brushing three mins and time them self.

Note you cover full mouth, starting from front to both sides, to upper and inner areas and tongue. The backs of brush mostly have tongue cleaners these days. Take a soft bristle brush as well clean your gums.

Dental floss ought to be, used for removing the accumulated plaque between the teeth’s. As stated approximately, 90% of problems are, caused between the teeth, so it is good to floss prior you brush.

Take due care while using a floss, hold thread with thumb and finger tilt it and form a ‘V’ shape and gently move it upwards and downwards. Do not rush or apply force this will lead to bleeding gums.

Keeping mouth wet is good as salvia present inside our mouth act as a defensive shield that protects our teeth from decaying and suffering periodontal diseases. If you have a dry mouth, issue from long kindly get it checked as it indicates presence of a diseases or side effect of specific medication.

Bad breath problems occur when there is poor dental care, too much deposits of plaque and food debris piled up inside your mouth. To have a good breath it is advisable to clean your tongue and areas between the teeth daily. Certain foods too have a pungent odor resulting in bad breath.

Using non – alcohol based Mouthwash liquids twice a day keeps mouth health. They cover the areas untouched by your toothbrush during brushing. An alcohol based mouthwash causes dry mouth as the salvia level is, reduced by alcohol usage. Rinse your mouth with the mouthwash after brushing.

In addition, make sure you change your toothbrush every three months prolonged use of same toothbrush would transfer the bacteria’s present in the toothbrush bristles back to your mouth resulting in dental problems. To know more and get your oral dental check visit your nearby dentist in Fleet.