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Dental Implants

Often there been many misconceptions pertaining to dental implants. Dentist in UK in this article share with us all about dental implants.

Dental Implants

These are best replacement for missing tooth that has been removed due to damage. An implant is done in the jawbone so gradually it can mix in with natural bone and have a solid foundation. Titanium is usually used for making the cylindrical like structure called dental implant. There is also a connector known as abutment used in the top surface of the dental implant. Lastly a tailor made crown that is similar to your natural teeth is made in.

Working of the dental implants

They are placed in just like your natural teeth and you treat them same as you do for your real tooth. These dental implants function in a similar way as your rest teeth. All it would take minimum 2weeks to a month for them to infuse in naturally and heal. Do maintain proper hygiene and avoid too much pressure initially on the replaced tooth.

Safety of Dental Implants

Since, 30 years and more dental implants have been used when it comes to replacing missing teeth. These are quite strong and made of safe material called Titanium that is easily accepted by human body. It’s the safest procedure done by Dentists in UK when it comes to filling the missing teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implant

• You get a natural tooth that over a period of time blends in with roots like rest.

• These last longer probably even life time if taken proper care and underwent timely adjustments.

• Enjoy life as usually, you eat, drink as well smile like you use to do before an implant. In fact the matching color makes the dental implant appear natural.

• The original shape of face and facial features are retained.

Dentist a Career Perspective

For all those who aspire to choose Dentistry as profession here are few key facts and insights from Dentist in UK about Dentist as a Career Perspective.

Who is a dentist?

One who performs diagnoses on patients tooth and mouth tissues and accordingly prescribes a treatment for the diagnosed problem. These treatments may involve filling cavities, removing the tooth, repair broken or damage tooth etc. There are many who undertake general dental practices while few select specialization.

List of various dental specialization

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons they operate patients mouth and jaws.

Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologist with the help of imaging technology examines problem in neck & head.

Orthodontists align the crooked teeth with help of braces/ retainers.

Preiodontists treat in gum diseases and bones that hold up teeth.

Pediatric dentist treat in small children.

Endodontists do a root canal surgery.

Prosthodontists fix in missing tooth with help of bridges, dentures etc.

Public health dentist serve community and work for social well being.

Basic Educational Requirements

Basic 5 years of undergraduate study for becoming a B.D.S / BchD (Must be registered under General Dental Council). Then 2 years of vocational training to get registered under National Health Service.

Overall UK has 16 dental schools among which five offer undergraduate dental study to those students who have an upper 2.1 and studied biomedical. The competition is intense when comes to taking admission for undergraduate dental studies. Fee is high as most are self funded schools.

Employment data

Overall 147,000 dentist are employed this includes those who work and co-own private practice. Usually, most dentists have to work full time, busy over weekends and evening specially.