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Know the Causes of Tooth Sensitivity for Better Cure

Many people are afraid of drinking an ice-cold beverage though it’s their favorite. Some individuals find themselves wincing while brushing or flossing? This is nothing but tooth sensitivity. You may have heard the term and related dental services but may not be thinking about it seriously until you faced it.

When you are suffering from teeth sensitivity or teeth tender, certain acidic foods or certain toothpaste can be blamed as culprit easily. But, you need not have to live with the pain forever. The pain is frequent, sudden and sharp, but it is momentary. You can do certain things to minimize tooth sensitivity and recover your oral health. Firstly, you need to understand the reason behind your teeth sensitivity.

Brushing with too much zest

Stop using a hard-bristled toothbrush and brushing with too much force as it can cause teeth sensitivity. With time, the protective layer of teeth i.e. enamel gets weakens and exposes canals leading to the sensitive dental nerves. And, when these tubes are bare to severe hotness or sticky foods or acidic, tooth sensitivity and discomfort can result. Using a toothbrush with softer bristles is the best way to avoid the problem.

More acidic foods

Acidic foods can encourage enamel reduction and if your nerves are exposed, acidic foods counting lemon, tomato sauce, kiwi, grapefruit, etc. can develop pain. To avoid pain and discomfort, avoid such foods.

Tooth-whitening toothpaste

For making your teeth pearl white, you may be using some tooth-whitening toothpaste containing certain chemicals that are increasing your sensitivity. So better choose the toothpaste without that formula.

Don’t be a mouthwash junkie

You may be using some over-the-counter mouthwashes and rinses containing harmful chemicals or alcohol making you experience teeth sensitivity. Switch to neutral fluoride rinses or use once in a while not daily. It can give you relief.

Gum diseases

You might be having some gum diseases or gingivitis that can cause tooth sensitivity. Consult your dentist to get better treatment to cure the gum problem.

Too much plaque

Gathering of excessive plague also weakens the enamel and causes sensitivity with time. To avoid this get good daily dental care and visit your dentist for teeth cleaning in at least every six to eight months.

Cracked tooth

A cracked or chipped tooth can be a reason for your pain that may go afar tooth sensitivity. Your dentist will provide your right treatment like extraction or a cap to cure.

All these can be the common reason for teeth sensitivity, but if the conditions become serious, consult the expert Dentist in Leatherhead for better and long lasting treatments and relief.


Habits to change for a better oral health

For a beautiful smile and to enjoy your favorite delicious food, you need healthy and white teeth. With bad or irregular oral habits you are inviting several oral problems. In our busy schedules, several times we avoid taking care of our mouth. Meeting to Dental Hygienists in Luton on a regular basis can help in getting better oral health. Here are some habits that you need to change for a better oral health.

Brushing is vital to keep our teeth clean, plaque-free and healthy. Brushing twice is recommended to keep your mouth clean and hygiene. Some people avoid brushing at night that leads home for plaque and bacterial growth causing distinct dental problems. You need to make it as your habit to brush your teeth in the morning and evening properly for at least 2-3 minutes. Brushing twice also helps in the bacterial build up of plaque.

The method you brush is also important. With harsh brushing you can hurt the gums and choose the right brush is as important as the right brushing technique. Make sure every tooth is cleaning while brushing to avoid plaque, cavities, and other bacterial growth.

Change your brush at certain intervals. Using the same brush for a long time is not good for your oral health. Generally, it is recommended to change the brush in every three months. With this habit, you will be able to clean your teeth efficiently and have a white brighter smile.

Avoid having much sugar or sticky food at night. You can have cheesy and sweet food in the day time. It is better to brush after having such food to clean your teeth fruitfully. Too sugary food or fizzy drink can cause tooth decay.

You should look for the best Dentists in Church Crookham if facing any dental problem at the early stage to avoid any serious dental problems.

Make using floss as a habit to clean your mouth completely. Enjoy sugar-free gums to keep your teeth white and healthy.


Know more about the teeth whitening strips

Using teeth whitening strips is an effective and affordable teeth whitening approach preferred and followed by many individuals worldwide. Good and sparkling white teeth are the basic need to groom your overall beauty and smile. In our busy routine, we do not get time to take much care of ourselves and that can cause some health problems that we overlook. When you observe that your teeth are getting yellowish and reducing their beauty, several dental treatments, and Tooth Whitening Services are offered by experts that you can choose. One of the simplest and time-saving alternatives is teeth whitening strips.

Teeth whitening strips are the strips that you can apply to your teeth, easy to use at home for fixing the discolored and stained teeth. Teeth whitening strips enclose bleach or peroxide that bleaches your teeth and making your teeth restore their natural white color. These are the reasonable and efficient approach to cleaning and whitening your teeth at home. With proper usage and application of these strips you gain a beautiful flawless smile.

No need to brush immediately after or before using the teeth whitening strips as it can cause irritation to your teeth and gums. Instead, wait at least half an hour after brushing your teeth to apply whitening strips. You can use it once or twice in a week for a sparkling white heart-winning smile.

There are some risk factors involved with the teeth whitening strips. You can avoid the harsh conditions by knowing the precautions and side effects in advance. Different kinds of whitening strips are safe to use, but some can cause harm to the enamel. Constant harm to the enamel with the strips can become poisonous for your oral care and can hurt your teeth badly. So follow the process as directed by experts or presented on the box. Other than this if you want to get professional teeth whitening services you can contact to professional dentists in your area.

While using the teeth whitening strips, lessen the intake of coffee, tea and other such food items that can cause harm to your teeth. This will increase the lifespan and whiteness of your teeth for a longer time making you smile freely.

So, consult the reliable dentist and enjoy benefits of teeth whitening strips to smile and look beautiful with white bright teeth.

Teeth Whitening Treatments Best For Pearl-White Sparkling Teeth

During the period of an average life of an individual, it is normal for teeth to become stained or discolored. This can happen even after complete oral care and hygiene. Several individuals are interested in brightening their smile with competently directed tooth whitening treatments. Teeth whitening is a great way to turn back the clock on aging. There are several distinct options are available for you including home teeth whitening kits. Many people have some queries about the teeth whitening treatment process. Some of these are discussed below -

Are home kits are better than supervised whitening treatments by experts?
Both have their own importance. But, treatment from professional dentist provides faster results in comparison with the household kits. Moreover, these are safer as well. This is because the American Dental Association does not approve all kits and these may vary in quality. These are present in distinct strengths and form and it is not necessary that all kits are suitable for every individual. Damage to the gums, soft tissue, and teeth can occur if the kit is not used properly or the wrong kit is used.

Are teeth whitening treatment ideal for everyone?
No, this is not suitable for everyone. Surprised! Yes, but it is true, you cannot take the treatment if having extreme white spots, sensitive Teeth, excessive tooth decay, contaminated gums bridges, crown or other dental work linking your front teeth. A complete evaluation is done before the treatment to know the oral conditions for offering the best treatment.

What experienced dentist offers with tooth whitening treatments?
Typically, a professional dentist can whiten your teeth between 5-10 shades. With effective Tooth whitening services from experts, you can have sparkling white teeth. You can get the best teeth whitening products from them to maintain the beauty and whiteness of the teeth for a long time.

What is the process of whitening treatment?
There are certain steps involved in the teeth whitening process. Usually, your dentist will guide and explain you the process so that you can have the patience and confidence while taking the treatment. You may replicate this procedure up to three times in a sole appointment to attain optimal whitening outcomes.

Tooth Whitening Services For Whiter Brighter Smile

A dazzling and appealing smile is the dream of almost every individual as it is becoming a progressively strong asset in the majority of social endeavors, whether these engross business or personal relations. On the basis of benchmarks set by the media on how individual should look like, several individuals are trying to modify the looks. They are also adopting the artistic trends of celebrities and television stars, either in terms of appearance or fashion. Beautiful, celebrity smile is on top among this trend. And, to have that picture perfect smile, pearl white teeth is necessitate.

Many of us are born with white teeth. But, with time or due to some habits like drinking wine, coffee, tea or smoking this whiteness fades away and causes teeth discoloration. But no worries, today there are numerous of effective teeth whitening treatments are available. Tooth whitening is the safest and economical approach to enhance smile. The reliable and proficient dental practice service provider can offer the best dental care and treatment at affordable prices. Professional dentists oxygenate your teeth to add that additional glitter and brighten your smile.

Tooth whitening services is the simplest, quickest and most effective bleaching treatment in which tooth stains are removed by oxidation method. On the basis of level of discoloration, different grades of treatment are offered. In addition to oxidation, the peroxide or bleaching agent enclose free radicals and definite anti-reflective property that aids in preventing reflection on light for showing the brighter side of your teeth.

The process has to be performed by professional so that he can make a tray exactly fitted to your teeth and put it bleaching agent. You need to use this at home for a specific period of time. For high-level of tooth whitening laser process is performed.

You can find out the best Cosmetic dental clinic near your place to get the proven and long-lasting whitening treatment. You can make an appointment and have a word with the professionals to understand the procedure. They perform the treatment in a secure and comfortable ambiance and make the patient feel confident while getting the treatment.

So, to look beautiful and gain confidence, take tooth whitening treatment from professional dentists and stay beautiful for a long time without hurting your pockets.

Teeth Whitening: For Shiny White Teeth

Tooth whitening is amongst the most popular dental procedures that lightens teeth and helps in removing discoloration and stains. It greatly improves the appearance of your teeth. It is a onetime procedure but if you need to maintain the brightness of your teeth then it can be repeated.

The outer layer of tooth is called enamel and the natural color of teeth is created by the reflection and scattering of light off the enamel combined with the color of the dentin under it. Your genes affect the thickness and smoothness of the enamel. Thinner enamel allows more color of the dentin to show through. Smoother or rougher enamel affects the reflection of light and in-turn the color.

Tooth enamel contains pores that can hold stains and daily a thin coating forms on the enamel and absorbs stain.

Why do teeth turn yellow?

Some of the common reasons for teeth to decolor are:
• Not maintaining good oral hygiene.
• Consuming tobacco.
• Drinking dark colored liquids such as red wine, cola and coffee.
• Aging is also responsible for making teeth less white as the enamel gets thinner with age.
• Tetracycline antibiotics.
• Intrinsic stains can be caused by too much fluoride exposure as a child while teeth are developing.
• Trauma may also darken teeth.

How to prepare yourself for teeth whitening?

Before planning to undergo tooth whitening, you need to treat your cavities. This is because the whitening solution can pass through decayed areas and reach the inner parts of tooth.
If you have receding gums or tooth decay, whitening may make your teeth sensitive. Tooth whitening also does not work on veneers, ceramic or porcelain crowns. In case of receded gums, the exposed roots of your teeth may appear to be yellow.

Your dentist will first examine your teeth and find out the reason behind staining. After that he will clean your teeth. This will remove the film of bacteria and other substances that build up on your teeth and cause staining. Here after the procedure for whitening begins.

Types of whitening procedure

There are two main types of teeth whitening procedures:
1. Vital Whitening- Done on teeth that have live nerves
2. Non Vital Whitening- Done on tooth that has had root canal

What are the risks of teeth whitening?

There won’t be any grave ill-effects of teeth whitening although some people’s teeth may become sensitive for some time. Some people could face mild irritation in gum. Pregnant women should avoid whitening teeth since the procedure is cosmetic.

Post teeth whitening treatment

You need to follow up with your dentist if your gums turn sore. Whitening is not a permanent solution and stains could reoccur. The whitening will fade if you consume liquids or foods that stain your mouth. If you can avoid these sources of staining then you won’t need another whitening treatment for a year or so.

You can whiten your teeth frequently if you have custom made mouthpiece and whitening agent at home. You can discuss with your dentist what whitening products are suitable for you.

Tooth Whitening For Dental Hygiene!

Tooth whitening lightens teeth and helps in removing stains and marks. It is one of the most sought after cosmetic dental procedures as it greatly improves the appearance of your teeth. Tooth whitening is performed by all dentists worldwide. Clearly it is a voluntary service that is appropriately undertaken within the framework of the patient’s medical and dental needs.It should be done frequently to maintain its bright colour.

Why do we need tooth whitening?

The natural white colour of teeth is derived by the reflection and scattering of light in the enamel. The smoothness and thickness of the enamel is affected by your genes.

Daily a thin layer forms on the enamel and results in stains. Consuming tobacco, drinking dark coloured liquids like wine and not taking proper care of your teeth are some of the most common reasons for teeth getting stained and de-colored.

Another reason for losing the brightness of teeth is aging as it makes the enamel thinner and the dentin becomes darker.

Intrinsic stains exist inside the tooth. It is caused by either too much fluoride exposure as a child while teeth are developing or tetracycline antibiotics. It can stain a child’s teeth if it’s taken by a mother during the second half of pregnancy or by a child who is younger than 8 years. Tooth whitening is most effective on surface stains i.e. extrinsic stains.

How is Tooth whitening done?

Before doing tooth whitening, cavities must be treated because the whitening solution should not pass through the decayed areas. If you have receding gums or tooth decay, whitening might make your teeth sensitive. It needs to be done with proper care and precautions by dentist.

Step by step procedure is followed during teeth whitening. First, the dentist will clean your teeth and remove the bacteria and other substances present on your teeth.

The two main types of tooth whitening procedures are vital whitening and non-vital whitening. Vital whitening is performed on teeth which have live nerves. It is done by applying gel like solution directly on the surface of the tooth.

Non-vital whitening is done on tooth which has had a root canal treatment. In this treatment the dentist will place a whitening agent inside your teeth and cover it with temporary filling.

Whitening is not a permanent solution and the stains might reoccur if you do not take proper care. Abstain from smoking and consuming staining drinks and food. If you maintain your dental hygiene you will have the shiny white teeth forever.