Know About Oral Care When Expecting

Pregnancy is the golden period for not only the expecting mother but also for the whole family. Family members take extra care of yours and you too. But, many women forget about their oral health and dental treatments. Yes, oral health can also affect your baby’s health in some ways. So, keeping extra oral care is important when you are expecting. You might have heard about mood swings in pregnancy due to hormones, but few people know that changes in hormones can upsurge the risk of oral health issues like gum disease, pregnancy tumors, etc.

So before welcoming your little champ, know the things related to keeping your mouth healthy.

Pregnancy Tumors

Pregnancy tumors can occur due to hormonal changes in pregnancy. The name is a bit scary, but pregnancy tumors are not that cruel. These generally occur in the second trimester that appears like raspberries forms between the teeth. These can be removed by the dentist if causes discomfort. Generally, these vanish following your delivery.

Dental problems come along with Morning Sickness

Many women suffer morning sickness that also brings teeth problems. Women who suffer acid reflux may face tooth erosion as the acids in the stomach are strong. The best way to protect your teeth is to swish with a solution of water and baking soda as it can help in neutralizing the acid from the stomach. With this, you can avoid the tooth decay.

Gum problems like gingivitis

During pregnancy, you experience craving of sweet, sticky food that can bring oral problems. It can also make your gums swell leads to a situation called pregnancy gingivitis. You can visit your dentist for specialized Teeth Whitening Walton-On-Thames, before your baby comes to the beautiful world.

Healthy diet

Have a diet rich in calcium, B12 and vitamin C for keeping your gums healthy. Include quality food like vegetables, fruits, whole-grain products, and dairy products including yogurt, cheese, milk, cottage cheese.

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